How It All Started

When I found this place it was derelict. The Realtor wouldn’t even step inside the buildings. Looking at it, a friend said, “This is CRAZY, even for you!”   But an 1882 stone house on ten acres so close to Fredericksburg?!  Well, you know how love is…… I had to have it!

Within three years, the old stone farmhouse was refurbished enough to be on the Historic Home Tour and featured in the SA Express News, twice. The old turkey barn has been transformed into a venue worthy of peacocks (and brides).  The gardens just get bigger and better every year.  And the gazebo, well, it”s totally unique and fabulous.  It has been a LOT of work and even MORE money, but it’s everything I wanted….. and I love it!

Gilbriar Gazebo is my dream retirement job. I loved the 20 years I spent as a professional interior designer. It was a daily joy to help people express themselves in their homes.  Now, my lovingly restored old farm and I are ready to help couples express themselves in their celebrations.


Paula & Khaleesee

Random useless facts about me:
Former 84th biggest breeder of Arabian Horses in the US
Overly enthusiastic amateur organic gardener
Frequently eats cookies for breakfast and pie for dinner