Save Money on Your Decorations

Want your wedding to be beautiful and memorable while saving as much money as possible? Of course you do! Well then, carefully evaluate the walls of the venues that you are considering. Walls that are interesting in their own right don’t need decorating.   If they have lots of texture and great color they will make lovely backdrops for your event without the need of additional decoration.

Think of a beautiful limestone wall, an old tin wall or a rich wooden wall: they don’t need anything except you and your honey standing in front of them. A sheetrock wall however, well……

Seriously, if your venue is interestingly detailed (not just a big sheetrock box), then all you really need are flowers on the tables and one big focal-point display.  You may want to add personal photos or mementos somewhere, but they should be an addition that you want, not something that you actually need.

By choosing a venue with its own character, you could save enough money on wall decorations to make the table tops really special or the champagne imported!