Wedding Insurance


Bad things happen to good people. Even with meticulous planning, highly rated vendors and diligent follow up, badthings can still happen. This is why you need wedding insurance. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with it; it is a legitimate and necessary part of your planning. There are two main types and you will probably want both. Your venue will almost certainly require that you have the first type.

  1. Wedding Liability Insurance: 

Even though your venue will have liability insurance, you still need your own. Their insurance covers them in case of property damage or personal injury, but it will not cover you.

If the venue is damaged, a guest get food poisoning, grandpa takes a fall, etc. YOU need to be covered in case of a lawsuit. Be sure that your policy covers all of the wedding related events, not just the ceremony and reception. It’s not expensive, especially considering what is at risk. Your insurance agent may offer wedding insurance or you can buy it online.

  1. Wedding Cancellation Insurance:

This is a totally different type of insurance; it pays or reimburses you for money you have spent if something beyond your control interferes with the wedding. For example, a tornado carries off your venue, the groom is in a car wreck on the way to the ceremony, the caterer takes bankruptcy, etc. It does not cover a change of heart!

So, to recap, wedding liability insurance covers your legal costs in event of a lawsuit. Wedding cancelation insurance reimburses you for what you have spent in case of a cancelation.

Also, be sure that ALL of your vendors have liability insurance! You don’t want to have to use your insurance.  You want the responsible person to pay for their own mistake, omission or bad luck. Knowing that you have the right insurance will mean less stress if something goes wrong.

Think of your total budget; the venue, the caterer, the flowers, music, dress, drinks, photographer. That is the amount of money you would forfeit if the wedding had to be cancelled. Policies start around $100 depending on the size and price of the wedding. That’s a small amount of money for the piece of mind it will provide you.